Comedian Hypnotist Jim Spinnato Appears at Foxwoods Stage Hypnotist Jim Spinnato performs in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
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Jim Spinnato’s Comedy Hypnosis Shows!
Live from Connecticut, Massachusetts & Rhode Island!
  Norwood Theater   College Video   Corporate
Hypnosis Show
  Comix Comedy Club at Foxwoods Casino   The Summer Tour  
  Jim performing live at the Norwood Theater in Norwood, Massachusetts.   The Welcome Back Tour featuring 20 colleges in 21 days!.   This gemtleman from a corporate hypnosis show was unable to remove a normal party balloon from his grip... even for $5000!   Featured twice monthly at Comix Comedy Club & Bar at Foxwoods Resort & Casino.   A five week tour of colleges, prep schools, The Woodstock Fair, & Foxwoods Casino.